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I lost 71kgs and I can now play with my grandkids

"In Easter 2010 I started my weight loss journey. I weighed 157.7 kilos, felt terrible, had no energy and looked like I was going to exploded. Along with some friends I joined Weight Watchers( not really expecting to lose much). After lossing 12 kilo's my son introducted me to his new girlfriend who has a young daughter Eliza. One day at a family picnic I chased Eliza around the park this was my light bulb moment I knew I had to continue on this weight loss journey if i wanted to see my future grandchildren grow up.

The next day I joined the gym and started to exercising. I am happy to stay the weight started to come off. After a while I hit a plateau and decide it was time to enlist a personal trainer. Rather than just jump in and get anyone I asked around at the gym and watched the trainers work out with their clients. I wanted a trainer who would encorage me and push me to achieve results. I then approached the trainer I thought would be best for me. This is where Jeff came on the scene. I asked him what he could do for me and if he would be willing to train me.

I am happy to say with Jeff's training, nutritional tips and encoragement I currently weigh 86.7 kilos which is a weight loss off 71 kilos. My goal weight is to be 72kilo's and I know with hard work and Jeff's encouragement I will get to this goal.

While I will never be a great fan of the gym and exercising but I tell myself each day you need to get to the gym and move it to loss it!!( I must admit I always feel better when I have finshed my workout)."

- Sharon
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Absolute 360 on your lifestyle and smashing goals after goals before your wedding and I cannot wait to see you both feeling the way you want to before your special day

CONGRATULATIONS you have WON a FREE hour shopping tour session to maximize your goals

Bring on Summer!
- by Jeffrey Morgan

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